Flexible height table
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Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Lowers risk of diabetes Being sedentary can lead to a rise on blood sugar levels, especially after meals. When you move your muscles, they are sufficiently responsive to insulin produced by the pancreas. In the absence of any activity, the pancreas will end up overproducing insulin thus, causing diabetes.

Improves posture Sitting in one place for extended hours can cause you to stoop over your desk or slump in your chair. This can put undue strain on your neck, shoulders and back. Standing helps to straighten the spine and lead to better posture. It also engages your core muscles and develops them. Standing helps prevent your muscles from degenerating and helps strengthen them.

Boosts productivity Studies are still on to determine if standing desks indeed boost productivity. Switching from a sitting desk to a standing one can leave you feeling refreshed and stress-free at the end of each day.